Why use Shade Doctor to Clean and Service

Carolyn FerrallWHO ARE WE?

We are specialists in cleaning, servicing and maintaining outdoor products made from canvas, PVC, mesh, shade sail cloth, steel and aluminium, parts and componentry.

As like anything you purchase in life, in order to keep it in good working condition it needs to be well kept.

When you buy a car you drive away with an investment which you trust to last for a very long time…. In order for it to work well you service it, you clean it, you polish it and you make sure it has oil, water and fuel.

At Shade Doctor we like to think of our job as a crucial part to extending your outdoor products life so that in turn it can work efficiently, look great and last for a very long time.


  • Shade Doctor is NZ’s leading business in the outdoor cleaning industry. Established by Carolyn Ferrall – also CEO of Total Cover Shade and Shelter. Shade Doctor is a separate enterprise to Total Cover yet has an affiliation where all of our expertise knowledge comes from constructing outdoor shade and shelter products.
  • With this wealth of product knowledge we apply our expertise skills to maintaining your investment. We know what we are working with, we know what it needs to last and we have a lot of manufacturer’s information which is required to clean the product you have appropriately.