Shade Doctor Services


  • PVC (Tension Membrance Structure) Canopies
  • Polycarbonate Roof Canopies
  • Glass Roof Canopies
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Fixed Frame Wedge Awnings
  • Retractable Roof Structures
  • Louvre Roof Structures
  • Clear & Mesh Dropscreens
  • Wave Shades
  • Shade Sails
  • Glass Balustrades
  • Custom Shade Solutions


  • Clean – Wash, sponge/brush, rinse
  • Polish – We use appropriate polishing products dependent on the surface we are working with.
  • Service – We lubricate joins and tracking
  • Maintain – Everything we do involves maintaining the product

We do everything for you which most people put in the too hard basket due to heights, time, not having the right equipment etc…


You can have a one off clean or you can sign up for a regular plan and we will come out and complete our outstanding service to give your product the treatment it deserves!

Shade Doctor offer cleaning and servicing programs to best suit your needs and budget. So, to keep your outdoor weather protection products in tip top shape call us because we know what to do!


  • Have your warranty information ready on site
  • Have your supplier information site – where you got your product from
  • Keep your outdoor area clear of any obstacles which could hinder our service being completed to expert level
  • Lock dogs and pets away
  • Leave access to fresh running water supply
  • Leave a car park spot available for our team to park up their van and have easy quick access to transport their cleaning supplies to and from your area


Our professionally trained cleaning technicians will clean your outdoor shade structure to the highest standard possible. Every effort will be made to help reduce the visibility of any mould or stains already present on the fabric (please note: the outdoor products can only be brought back to look ‘near new’).

We can refer you to an awning manufacturer for any structural repairs or mechanical maintenance.

You don’t necessarily need to be home for us to carry out the clean. All we need is site access plus access to an external tap and we can get on with the job. Please talk to us about any pets you may have on the property.

As our area of expertise is in the cleaning of outdoor shade structures, we can refer any damaged products to a reputable awning repair specialist.

Yes, we can clean out your gutters along the areas where your canopy or awning meets your guttering. Talk to us about additional pricing for this service.

Yes, we service outside of Auckland. We will travel to wherever a clean is required.

Facts about Moulds and Lichen, Mildews

Mildews & Don’ts

  • Do recognize when mildew and mould appear on your fabrics
  • Don’t ignore it; mould and mildew won’t go away by themselves
  • Do have your items cleaned, or clean them yourself
  • Don’t hesitate to call on us with your questions or concerns

Mildew and mould, which are classified as fungi, are simple microscopic organisms that can thrive anywhere in a warm, moist environment. Mildew refers to a surface fungi, usually appearing as powdery, patches of grey or white. Mould looks fuzzy or slimy, and comes in various colors.

Once it appears on your outdoor fabrics, it must be removed or it can cause fabric decomposition and an unhealthy condition. It’s also unsightly! Soil provides the food for this unwanted growth. That’s why we recommend regular fabric cleaning, and storing of items in a dry, well-ventilated area.

Lichens are organisms consisting of fungus and green algae, growing together in a symbiotic relationship. When organic particles such as pollen settle onto the surface of trees or rocks, for example, under the right conditions they can grow into green algae. Add air- or water-borne fungus microorganisms such as mould, and you have a recipe for lichens.

Lichens can grow on outdoor fabrics too, as it appears on these awnings, if not regularly maintained. Extra care must be taken to clean items covered with lichen, but we are equal to the task!